Interior design

Scientific interior design relies on eye responses to space. It combines a unique touch with scientific tools and creates a pleasant and impressive environment that is exactly right for the purposes of the place. Thanks to the scientific approach, office work becomes more effective, stores attract more buyers and sales increase, customer responses to hotel rooms are not long in coming and it is more pleasant to live in designed homes.

The scientific approach relies on measurable tools, but it does not stand on its own. It requires a design approach, understanding the space, identifying the strengths of the space and innovative design ideas. When science meets design – the result cannot be ignored.

Office design
Store design
Hotel room design
Interior design for the house
Let the eyes speak

Our eyes and yours respond to space. They absorb everything and determine our sense of place. Therefore, we bring to the entire interior design process advanced technological means and perform eye monitoring before making decisions. The tracking method allows us to get the most out of space:

We will become stressful offices
For calm and productive.

We will become sleepy shops
For activities and familiar.

We will give customers a WOW experience from the moment
Entrance to the hotel and throughout the stay.

We will give to every room in the house
His special touch.


Interior design – the process

SDL combines scientific tools with a design touch

Perfectly adapted to the space.

We will learn about the environment, everything possible, we will combine technological tools for examining eye surveillance, we will address every detail in the space and most importantly, we will put you at the center.

The entrance to the space and the room can be much more


The work can be relaxed and the design should always work and serve you. In the process we will learn everything possible about the environment and understand how our eyes react to it. We will find the perfect answer to every problem, challenge and emphasize the benefits that already exist in the place.

In the design process we will go over every point and detail:

We will design the lighting, improve the acoustics, choose the right colors, combine materials and give the place the perfect look. We will be there all the way. From defining the need, creating the plans to supervising the various vendors and professionals who will come in and make the changes.

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