Interior design educational course

An ideal home
Interior design for creative people

A fascinating, comprehensive and practical course to learn. At the end you will gain happy customers and will know how to design amazing spaces

If you have always loved creating with your own hands, sitting in a closure has made you reflect on the changes that are worth bringing into the home and if you have decided to make a change in life and also in your career – this is your time to join a practical interior design course. The course: Ideal Home – Interior Design for creative people, will take you a step further into the world of fascinating design and will give you all the tools needed to offer design and home styling services.

In the course we will learn how to turn a hobby into income:

How to design beautiful, functional and breathtaking rooms.


How to convey the ideas to the client so that he wants to get started.


Familiarity with all the little details that create spaces that are fun to live in.


The complexity of the work in all its details and how to make any space of any size useful and impressive.


How to work with clients, from the first stage to the end of the project.


How science can work in our favor in designing a space that is WOW.

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The course is suitable for beginners in the field and for designers who are already working.
The studies will give you a ticket to the fascinating world
Of interior design and will give you all the knowledge required to work in the field and create your own unique design language.

Our students tell ...

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On the course facilitator
Aline Nibin

An interior designer who specializes in the effects of the visual environment on stress. Owns a science design studio.

She holds a doctorate in environmental sciences, is the founder of the School of Scientific Design, has won foundations in the field of visual environmental research, achievements in the field of neurological research and has won international design competitions.
Creates a series of furniture, accessories and paintings in a modern style, guides and conducts an ideal home course – interior design for creative people.
“… I believe that female realization is not just words but a principle. Choosing in the field of design and passing on knowledge, is part of choosing fate, of influencing the lives of people and the environment.”

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What awaits you in the course?
40 hours and every minute counts
All material is archived
Tools for application in reality
Personal approach
Quick results - learn, practice, start working
History of design and fashion trends

How and when did interior design trends as a science begin. The development of design and the impact of historical events, trends, foresight and famous subversive designers.

Space and composition

We will get to know the laws of composition, we will learn how to expand or reduce the existing space to create a pleasant, relaxed and at the same time impressive living environment.

The secrets of successful designers

We will learn how to research each topic in depth to create a special original project. We will go through the theory in practice and know how to choose the right colors, make floor plans and more.

Familiarity with the various materials

We will feel and experience the modern materials that exist in the market and how to use them. We will meet standard and lesser known materials for creative and special design.

Color and its impact on our lives

The psychology of color and the scientific rationale for choosing colors in each of the rooms. We will meet the color wheel, the division into cold and warm colors and learn how to choose a color for each space.

Styling and accessories

We will open up to the world of accessories and learn how to dress the house to make it comfortable and attractive. We will connect style and the right accessories and we will know how to turn any space into WOW with slight modifications.

Lighting as an additional level of design

We will get to know the types of lighting, the advantages and disadvantages of each one. We will meet the spectrum of solar and natural light and we will know how to calculate the right amount of lighting for each space.

Living spaces

We will learn everything there is to know about the functional component of each room: living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms. We will understand how to combine function and aesthetics.

Project from A to Z

Your portfolio will contain a personal project that will be carried out by you and with full support. The studies will give you all the theoretical background and practical tools for designing spectacular spaces.

The course is suitable for you if ...
  • You have always dreamed of designing the house yourself
  • You have a creative sense and have not yet expressed it
  • It is said of you that you have good or excellent taste
  • It’s your time to change direction or make a career change
  • Your perception of space is excellent and you still do not have the tools to implement the ideas
  • It is important for you to create your own unique design language that people can recognize

Do you have a doubt if this is the course for you or do you just have a feeling that it is your place? The course is right for you if …

Technical details - where, when and how much

The course consists of several modules.
Each model consists of 10 lessons, each lesson lasting 3 full hours (with a short break in the middle).
Of your choice – you can join the base module only.
Start – June.
Location: Jabotinsky 5 Ramat Gan, Bursa District. Walking distance from the train station, Tel Aviv.