In designing a hotel it is most important to find a balance point between the owner’s budget and the customers’ expectations. In this work SDLAB did a complex research on the target audiences who come to the place, on competitors in the same category both in Bat Yam itself and in Tel Aviv and from this was born a design concept, which serves all parties and meets the need of potential customers: Inexpensive hotel, how quality, Close to the sea and in a design suitable for the millennial generation. And all this while keeping the budget.

  • Location:

    Bat Yam

  • Designation:


The concept

Prestigious urbanity – this is what we called the concept which talks about people aged 27-45, who are looking for rest by the sea, but not in the rural environment, these are the opposite. The hotel is designed for city mice, for those who enjoy being in Megapolis and looking to integrate with the local environment.

Minimalism in neutral materials but emphasized by black lines – create a sense of innovation. The contrasts between hard concrete and elements in gold, make an interesting and unconventional look. The addition of soft and velvety fabrics in curtains, pillows, beanbags – gives a feeling of softness, and you are welcome to stay here and rest from the fast life outside.