Home Styling

  • Interior design without renovation
  • Design clinics
  • Office design
  • Design of hotels and B & Bs

Every space and room can get a new, impressive and designed look, without going into renovation. Even without breaking walls, lifting floors and entering major changes, one can get the perfect look. The process of dressing the room or space is called “Home Styling” and we apply it not only in homes but also in offices, hotels, B & Bs and shops.

The process of dressing the space requires creativity, locating the strengths and weaknesses of the place and an approach to sustainability that allows you to use what already exists and is good for the place. The perfect design is obtained after in-depth questioning, understanding your requirements and after using scientific tools for space diagnosis

Home styling - not just for homes

The term “home styling” usually refers to homes, but we, at SDL, apply it to every building. As soon as the need arises to change the look of the store, to improve the atmosphere in the office, to enhance the feeling of freedom in the hotel rooms or B & Bs and all this without entering the process of renovation, we will perform styling.

In the process we will use what already exists, we will take out what is unnecessary, we will put in large and small elements that will make significant differences in the room and in fact we will create a completely new design, without breaking walls and creating dirt. This is an accurate process when every detail is carefully selected, tweezers and perfectly adapted to the place. Thanks to advanced technological tools we will be able to examine the movement of the eyes in space and understand the need, even without words. The eyes can tell us whether the space is tiring, stressful or whether it encourages activity or relaxes. Preliminary diagnosis allows us to embark on a process with accurate information and an understanding of how to design the space so that the result we want to reach is obtained.

The process of home styling and dressing the space includes:

In the first stage of the process, an interview is conducted. We would like to know what the needs of the place are. What is important for you to leave and what is missing in the space. We would like to hear from you about favorite colors, design style that speaks to you and we would like to get to know you and hear from you as many requests as possible.

In the second stage we will connect between the scientific world, the budget set for the project, the desires and we will create a concept. Proper design of the space will lead to optimal utilization of the budget and will allow us to purchase all the right items for the space. The planning is done in every job and before dressing any space: shops, offices, hotels, clinics and houses.

In the third step we will buy all the items and use the ones that already exist in the place in a smart way. A combination of new alongside sustainability will allow us to dress the place while maintaining the budget framework. If necessary, suppliers will be supervised. The result you can expect at the end of this step is no less than WOW.

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