Cosmetics store

The store is located on the seafront of the entertainment city, Eilat. Inside a luxury hotel building can not just be a store, it must convey luxury and status. The target audience that comes to the store are 45-plus-year-old women, who know and love to nurture themselves with the help of professional cosmetics and we wanted to give them a perfect shopping experience from the very first step in the store.

  • Location:

    Aesthetics Boutique, Eilat

  • Area:

    40 sqm

  • Designation:

    Professional cosmetics store


Combining contrasts always creates something special. Here the style of Provence merged with a characteristic full of grace and the contemporary modern style. We used straight lines, glass and hidden lighting to add to the GKAM of the place. Every item and element is required in the space and its job is to impress the women who come to the place.


We chose quiet colors of shades of caramel and ripe grapes. The colors are just right for the target audience, for respectable women who know what they want out of life and understand how to get it. Every minute in the place must convey exactly the desired atmosphere, broadcast that was worth entering the store.


Our goal – to make the customer feel wanted and that she is in the right place. The task – to create an atmosphere in which each customer will feel comfortable. We added pictures from the 60s, portraits of celebs from that period and small, cute and surprising items in every corner. This is how we created a sense of nostalgia, romance and sentimentality. In such a fun place to buy.


The products that are sold in the store are not cheap. We wanted to create an atmosphere that would emphasize every detail and for that we chose glass shelves and lighting all around. The light that reaches each shelf illuminates the products and helps customers feel them.

In the ceiling we built hidden lighting throughout the store and thus gave a feeling of a larger space. The lighting envelops the space gently and at the same time leaves no dark or hidden places. In addition, we placed a floor-to-ceiling mirror and thus gained a sense of an even more open structure and of a palace entrance (a feeling so loved by the store’s customers).

Additional measures

The store attracts customers to come in from the first glance. The outer wall is designed with a sticker that immediately speaks to the target audience. The entrance to the place is accompanied by a special scent that evokes nostalgic longings and the gentle music completes the feeling we wanted to create. The product stands are close together and give a sense of abundance and encourage customers to join the store’s exclusive club.

Each detail has been carefully selected to provide an exceptional shopping experience. A good customer experience results in greater profits and a desire to return to the store again.