Minimalist apartment
light and bright

The design of the apartment is done according to the taste of the customers. The main requirement was to make an old and low apartment, bigger, taller and brighter. One that gives a feeling of luxurious freedom shining in the sun. At the same time customers do not like a lot of details. Minimalism – that’s the name of the game.

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According to the design concept – the dream house is light, bright, a bit futuristic, but at the same time warm, cozy, full of deep meanings. The project is designed in an integrated modern contemporary urban style. He dresses ideally for a young family living in the here and now, filling their lives with the joy of being together.


The main highlight of this project is the original lighting. Light lines that cross the walls and continue in the ceilings symbolize success, motivation and ease. At the same time they are similar to the rays of the sun, filling the house with comfort and warmth.


A variety of neutral colors (white and gray) that have been chosen for the project, do not make serious decisions. This palette can be a great base for any mood and color change. As a shade for accents, blue is chosen, a color that will dilute the warm room with a light touch of coolness, will help create a relaxed, pleasant mood and will help mutual trust in the family.


The apartment is decorated in light colors to visually enlarge the space and give it airiness. Light concrete that covers the wall behind the TV. Light gray in the flooring connects all the materials together. Natural oak warms the coolness of the gray. The white cladding in the kitchen opens up the room even more.


Increasing the public space is done by moving walls in the apartment, connecting a toilet and a bathroom. Adding another shower room is done while making changes to the structure of the house.