Apartment in a country Nordic style

The apartment, which is located in the Carmel Mountains area with a sea view, is intended for a family characterized by love, mutual support, humanity and warmth. We wanted to create an enveloping, protective, warm and especially cozy design for the introductory family.

  • Location:

    Haifa, by the sea

  • Area:

    130 sqm

  • Designation:

    Apartment for a family with 2 adult daughters


We believe that one design style can not always serve all members of the household. Everyone has their own personal visual world. At SDLAB we combine the loves of all members of the household and manage to give it a unique personal touch that everyone will be able to connect with. In this apartment, the girls connected to the warm Nordic style and the parents preferred the country style. Therefore, we have combined several styles: Nordic, rustic, touches of classic design and the topping on the cake – adding GLAM because such beautiful women must live in a house that conveys luxury.


The color that led the house and was the main color is the broken white. It characterizes the country style and gave a pleasant feeling in the house. In each room we added colors that emphasized the personality of the person living in it. In one girl’s room we also combined mint and gray colors and for the other girl we chose to combine antique pink and black colors. The master’s bedroom received touches of turquoise and heat and the living room received in addition to the broken white also the beige and color of a deep sea (between blue and turquoise). So it turned out that each room had its own character that fits exactly to who lives in it.


A contrast between the materials creates another layer of softness. There are many items that are pleasant to the touch and add visual and sensory comfort to the space. We wanted to combine a luxurious look at home with warmth and softness so we added dots of gold. We used chandeliers, picture frames and decorative elements on the wall, in exact dose. Sparkling accessories create an elegant romantic atmosphere and they are carefully selected and in the right quantity.

Division into regions

The living room in the apartment was characterized as a long space so we divided it into functional areas. Each area was designed according to the rationale behind it. In the process we chose the shapes, colors and lighting and all this accurately. In the area of the TV an “English window” was built which also gave more storage space and also added seating for entertaining. The dining table opens to a length of 3.5 meters. We used westerns (decorative partitions that partially obscure what is behind them) to create a visual separation between the kitchen and living room. This is how we hide without really hiding.

In conclusion

Every element in the house is chosen taking into account science. In a warm house, there is no room for empty walls, so various elements appear on the walls in the house that allow the eye to focus on them, without feeling a load. The result was a comfortable home for a warm family with lots of love and joy.